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'Black Rock City', the temporary camp site hosting the 70 000 Burning Man participants, is a C-shaped arc enclosing a 1 mile (1.6 km) diameter desert area called the 'Playa'.

Art installation at Burning Man 2016

The Playa is covered with over 100 fabulous pieces of Art and Art Installations. Except for the Man and the Temple, they are brought in or built on site by Burning Man participants.

See my photos of Burning Man Art in 2016 - in 2013

Mutant Vehicle at Burning Man 2016

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the Playa, except for 'Mutant Vehicle', which the Burning Man glossary defines as "a motorized conveyance that is radically, stunningly, permanently, and safely modified", or as a "sublimely beautiful work of art floating across the Playa like a Miro painting"...

See my photos of Mutant Vehicles in 2016 - in 2013

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