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Here are a few photos I shot in Helsinki on July 22, 2004...

During the same extended weekend in Finland, I also shot a few pictures at the Pori Jazz festival.

Art_Nouveau_1_0088.JPG Art_Nouveau_2_0100.JPG Art_Nouveau_3_0094.JPG
Cathedrale_Lutherienne_0125.JPG Cathedrale_Orthodoxe_0081.JPG Midnight_sun_on_Helsinki_0109.JPG
Train_Station_0146.JPG Typical_Finns_0017.JPG Typical_Finns_0023.JPG
Typical_Finns_0035.JPG Typical_Finns_0079.JPG Typical_Finns_0101.JPG
Typical_Finns_0101_0058.JPG Typical_Finns_0160.JPG Typical_Finns_0162.JPG

All these photos were shot with my new digital Nikon Coolpix 5700,
a wonderful little camera I warmly recommend to all photo fans for its great versatility.

By the way, we flew with SAS - never again:

  • our flight to Helsinki was cancelled, alledging an oil leak (I strongly supect it was because the flight was 2/3rds empty)
  • they put us on a flight via Copenhagen - and we arrived over 6 hours late
  • our luggage was not at our arrival - as for most of the people from our cancelled flight (thanks God, they arrived at 11:00 pm at our hotel)
  • the return flight was ok, except for a half an hour delay - waiting for a late bus to bring us to the plane - standing up, of course!

See also the photos I shot of the crowd at the Pori Jazz festival

And many thanks to Roland, Helina and Hannele for their wonderful hospitality!

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