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Jumping 2005 in La Hulpe

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A reportage of the performance of Lucy-Anne, Sophie and Joséphine,
at the Jumping contest organized on April 23, 2005 in La Hulpe (near Brussels, Belgium)
by the hippotherapy center and pony-club "Les Rênes de la Vie".

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"Les Rênes de la Vie" asbl is a non-profit hippotherapy center and pony-club dedicated to teaching horse-riding with the purpose of developing and blooming both handicapped and valid children.
It provides congenial horse-riding classes in the magnificent domain of the La Hulpe castle,
just fifteen minutes away from the Brussels center (Belgium).

See also the photos of he 2006 Jumping, the pony show and the horse-riding test organized by "Les Rênes de la Vie".

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