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Jean-Michel Jarre performed the "Europe in Concerts" tour in the second half of 1993, after the release of his album "Chronologie". The tour started in Mont Saint Michel, France and ended in Tours, France. It was a series of smaller (but still great) outdoor concerts in 14 European cities. A huge stage with gigantic projection screens was transported and assembled at each location. In total 660,000 people attended these concerts.

Here are some of my photos of the concert in Brussels Heysel on August 24 1993, Jean-Michel Jarre's 45th birthday. This was the last of Jarre concerts I found the time to shoot untill many years later, when I shot his 2010 concert in Liège, Belgium.

heysel_072.jpg heysel_073.jpg heysel_075.jpg heysel_076.jpg
heysel_077.jpg heysel_078.jpg heysel_079.jpg heysel_080.jpg
heysel_081.jpg heysel_082.jpg heysel_083.jpg heysel_084.jpg
heysel_085.jpg heysel_086.jpg heysel_087.jpg heysel_088.jpg
heysel_089.jpg heysel_090.jpg heysel_091.jpg heysel_092.jpg
heysel_093.jpg heysel_094.jpg heysel_095.jpg heysel_096.jpg

During the "Europe in Concert" tour, Jean-Michel Jarre played the following tracks:

  • "Chronologie 1"
  • "Equinoxe 4"
  • "Chronologie 2"
  • "Chronologie 3"
  • "Chronologie 4"
  • "Chronologie 5"
  • "Digisequencer"
  • "Chronologie 6"
  • "Chronologie 7"
  • "Magnetic Fields 2"
  • "Chronologie 8"
  • "Band in the Rain"
  • "Oxygene 4"
  • "Rendez-Vous 4"
  • "Rendez-Vous 2"
  • "Chronologie 4" (encore)


I shot my photos of Jean-Michel Jarre's concerts using Nikon EL cameras
with several lenses including Nikkor 20mm f4, Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and Nikkor 80-200 f4.
I mainly used Fujicolor Provia (100 ASA, sometimes pushed to 200 ASA),
as well as Ektachrome 160 ASA Tungsten (balanced for artificial light).

My photos can be used or reproduced under some conditions. More...

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