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"Paris La Defense - Une Ville En Concert", Jean-Michel Jarre's biggest concert ever, was a played in Paris business district of La Défense on the 14th of July 1990, France's Nationnal Day (Bastille Day). About 2.5 million people standing in front of Jarre's gigantic pyramidical stage witnessed the event, all the way down to the Arc de Triomphe, setting a new Guinness Book of Records entry for Jarre.

The concert could be seen up to the Champs Elysées. It was funded by Mairie de Paris, Ministry of Culture, and a small cluster of Parisian business concerns. Big marionettes, created by Peter Minshall, were displayed during the concert. A concert video as well as a photobook of the event were later released.

Recently, I digitized the photos of Jarre's Paris La Défense concerts I could put my hands on. Unfortunately, many of them were lost during my moves or got damaged in storage. However, some are still OK - here there are for you to enjoy!

la-defense_164.jpg la-defense_165.jpg la-defense_166.jpg la-defense_167.jpg
la-defense_168.jpg la-defense_169.jpg la-defense_170.jpg la-defense_171.jpg
la-defense_172.jpg la-defense_173.jpg la-defense_174.jpg la-defense_175.jpg
la-defense_176.jpg la-defense_177.jpg la-defense_178.jpg la-defense_179.jpg
la-defense_180.jpg la-defense_181.jpg la-defense_182.jpg la-defense_183.jpg
la-defense_184.jpg la-defense_185.jpg la-defense_186.jpg la-defense_187.jpg
la-defense_188.jpg la-defense_189.jpg la-defense_190.jpg la-defense_191.jpg
la-defense_192.jpg la-defense_193.jpg la-defense_194.jpg la-defense_195.jpg
la-defense_196.jpg la-defense_197.jpg la-defense_198.jpg la-defense_199.jpg
la-defense_200.jpg la-defense_201.jpg la-defense_202.jpg la-defense_203.jpg
la-defense_204.jpg la-defense_205.jpg la-defense_206.jpg la-defense_207.jpg
la-defense_208.jpg la-defense_209.jpg la-defense_210.jpg la-defense_211.jpg
la-defense_212.jpg la-defense_213.jpg la-defense_214.jpg la-defense_215.jpg
la-defense_216.jpg la-defense_217.jpg la-defense_218.jpg la-defense_219.jpg
la-defense_220.jpg la-defense_221.jpg la-defense_222.jpg la-defense_223.jpg
la-defense_224.jpg la-defense_225.jpg la-defense_226.jpg la-defense_227.jpg
la-defense_228.jpg la-defense_229.jpg la-defense_230.jpg la-defense_231.jpg
la-defense_232.jpg la-defense_233.jpg la-defense_234.jpg la-defense_235.jpg
la-defense_236.jpg la-defense_237.jpg la-defense_238.jpg la-defense_239.jpg
la-defense_240.jpg la-defense_241.jpg la-defense_242.jpg  

During the "Paris La Défense" concert, Jean-Michel Jarre played the following tracks:

  • Waiting For Cousteau (played on loop before the concert)
  • Paris La Defense
  • Oxygene 4
  • Equinoxe 4
  • Equinoxe 5
  • Souvenir de Chine / Souvenir of China
  • Les Chants Magnetiques II / Magnetic Fields II
  • Ethnicolor
  • Ethnitransition
  • Zoolookologie
  • Revolution, Revolutions
  • Second Rendez-Vous
  • Calypso 2
  • Calypso 3 - Fin De Siécle
  • Calypso
  • Fourth Rendez-Vous
  • Calypso (encore)

I shot my photos of Paris La défense concert using Nikon EL cameras
with several lenses including Nikkor 20mm f4, Nikkor 50mm f1.8 and Nikkor 80-200 f4.
I mainly used Fujicolor Provia (100 ASA, sometimes pushed to 200 ASA),
as well as Ektachrome 160 ASA Tungsten (balanced for artificial light).

My photos can be used or reproduced under some conditions. More...

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