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Touraine is a beautiful region of France, located on the south bank of the river Loire.
It is famous for its amazing "Châteaux de la Loire", but also for its wine, fields, hills,
and horses running all over.

Here are some of the photos I shot there in July 2005,
revisited with my most inspired computer software...

DSCN1481-cr-m6.JPG DSCN1483-cr-m1.JPG DSCN1488-m4.JPG DSCN1490-cr-m1.JPG
DSCN1495-m1.JPG DSCN1520-cr2-m2.JPG DSCN1524-m2.JPG  

... and here are some of the photos I shot in Touraine in August 2004.

chevinigny_0512_r2.JPG corn-flower-0476-r4.JPG corn-flower-0479-r8.JPG horse-0448-r4.JPG
horse-0454-r.JPG horse-0456-r2.JPG horses-0438-r3.JPG horses-0494-m2.JPG

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