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Here are a few pages I want to share:

And a few jokes I got by email, plus a few stories for thoughts...

... and several funny video clips...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not send me jokes - I get more than enough as I am!

Also, beware of chain mails: most of them contain hoaxes or obsolete information - but circulate for years on the web. Before you forward any chain mail, please consult some of the several websites devoted to investigating them: hoaxbusters.ciac.org, hoaxbusters.org, www.snopes.com, urbanlegends.about.com... and find more on Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_legend

I contribute to the following websites:

Faithful summaries of leading scientific reports on Health and the Environment
Beautiful scuba photos by various underwater photographers The museum of the Ceramic Clock in Brussels Belgian heart-flag for a tolerant Belgium
Gigapixels Panoramas Photos from the 34th floor of the Brusilia Residence in Brussels
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