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Undisputable scientific evidence of Global Warming... Evidence of Global Warming

Need more evidence?

Even better evidences of Global Warming can be found in the Assesment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The last one, published in 2007, clearly states that most of the global warming observed since 1950 is very likely due human activities. More...

Of course, a few scientist disagree with this statement.
Who then should we believe?

Well, think of this: the IPCC reports on Global Warming are authored and endorsed by over 3600 eminent specialists - most of them very qualified and honest. Dissident views are inevitable - and a good thing, because science can only progress if it is questioned. But clearly, even though the dissidents may end up right on a few point, it is extremely likely that the views of the vast majority are globally correct. It is therefore a far better gamble to trust the IPCC!

My views on Global Warming

Reading the IPCC reports has convinced me that humans are changing the climate, in a way that is virtually irreversible. This climate change is likely to have many consequences, some good but many bad, if not disastrous, for humanity. We need to react, decisively, and the sooner the better!

If you want to lean more on Global Warming, read the GreenFacts summary of IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report.

  Q&A on Climate Change:
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2How is climate changing and how has it changed in the past?
3How is the climate going to change in the future?
4What impacts of climate change have already been observed?
5What impacts are expected in the future?
6How do people adapt to climate change?
7What are the current trends in greenhouse gas emissions?
8What actions can be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
9How can governments create incentives for mitigation?
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