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Thank you is to me the most beautiful word - and the most useful word to know when you travel around. It really is "the magic word".

Also, knowing the translation of Good morning or Hello really helps getting around. Here is how to translate Thank you (and Good morning or Hello) in several languages, spelled as it sounds to me (a circumflex accent means the vowel is long, and an accent to the right "`" may mean that the syllable is emphasized):

Albanian Falémindéérit  
Arab Choukran (jazilan) Salam
Bulgarian Blagodaria
Dober den (day)
Dober vétcher (eve)
Chinese (Cantonese) Dotchié  
Chinese (Mandarin) Schié schié Nî hàw
Chinese (Taiwanese) Dotcháye  
Croatian H'r(v)ouala Bok
Dobar dan (day)
Dobro youtro (am)
Dodra vètcher (pm)
Czech Dékouyou
Dékuj'me vám
Dobri den
Danish (Mange) Tak  
Dutch Dank u (wel) Dag
English Thank you
(very much)
Hello, Hi
Good day (day)
Good morning (am)
Good afternoon (pm)
Good evening (eve)
Good night (nite)
Finnish (Suomi) Kiitos Païvaa
French Merci
Bonjour (day)
Bon après-midi (pm)
Bonsoir (eve)
Bonne nuit (nite)
German Danke
(Vielen Dank)
Gutten Dag (day)
Greek Efkaristo Kali̱méra
Hindi Dhanyavaad Namaste
Indonesian (Sulawezi) Terima kasi Salamat pagi (am)
  "   "   siang (pm)
"   "  soré (eve)
  "   " malam (nite)
Italian Grazie (mille) Ciao
Japanese Arigato gozaïmas  
Korean Gamsâ hamnidâ Annyong hasèyô
Lithuanian Aatsjôe  
Nepalese Toùditché
[Italian "tu dice"]
Norwegian Tag  
Philippino Salamat Magana oumaga
Polish Djin kouyé Djin dôbre (day)
Dobranots (nite)
Portuguese Obrigado Bom dia
Romanian Moultchemèsk
Buna zioua (pm)
Russian Spasíba Sdrasvitché, Priviè
Dôbré dien (day)
Slovak Djà-kouyem Dobré dyem (day)
Slovenian Hvala Zdravo
Dober dan (day)
Spanish Gracias Hola
Buenos dias (day)
Buenas tardes (eve)
Buenas notches (nite)
Thai Kop kun k'ap (m)
Kop kun k'ââ (f)
Sawadi k'ap (m)
Sawadi k'ââ (f)
Turkish Techékur édérim Merhaba
Ukrainian Djakouyou Pryvit
Dobroho rankou (day)
Dobroho dnya (pm)
Dobroho vêtchora (eve)
Vietnamese Kam euhn Tchao

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