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Happiness and Success

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Here are a few key sentences to you help being happy and succeeding your own life:

The Secret of Happiness

1. Find out what is really good for you, and do more of it.
2. Find out what is really NOT good for you, and do less of it.
3. Try some new things.

Worrying does not empty Tomorrow of it Troubles.
It empties Today of its Strength!

Happiness is not receiving but giving!

Don't expect gratitude!

Succeeding your own life

To have a fun life, you must be good in many fields.
To succeed a life, you must excel in ONE field…
Both require a lot of work!

Any sentence must be constructive, friendly, or amusing
and if possible, all three together!
Make twenty compliments for one complaint…

It is not because things are difficult that we don't dare,
it is not because we don't dare that things are difficult!

How do you eat an elephant?
One piece at a time…

First thing first!

And now, all you have to do
is to decide what you want to do of your own life
and start doing it NOW!

Test your attitude towards life...

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