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Jacques de Selliers
Golden Stirrup in La Hulpe

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A reportage of the certification test "l'Etrier d'Or" (the Golden Strirrup) organized
by the hippotherapy center and pony-club in La Hulpe "Les Rênes de la Vie"
in La Hulpe (near Brussels, Belgium) on April 4, 2007.

These photos were shot by my 11 years old daughter Lucy-Anne!

les-renes-de-la-vie-041.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-060.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-063.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-078.jpg
les-renes-de-la-vie-081.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-098.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-100.jpg les-renes-de-la-vie-109.jpg

"Les Rênes de la Vie" asbl is a not-for-profit pony-club and hippotherapy center,
teaching horse-riding to a both handicapped and valid children.
It provides great horse-riding classes in the magnificent Ernest Solvay parc,
in La Hulpe, twenty minutes away from the Brussels center (Belgium).

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