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Sculptures in Bois-Guilbert

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Hidden somewhere in the middle of Normandy lays the little village of Bois-Guilbert.
If yo go there, you can discover the exceptional "Jardin des Sculptures":
the amazing bronze statues of Jean-Marc de Pas, a contemporary French artist,
spread in the beautiful park of the villages' château.

Here are some of the photos I shot there on August 15, 2005,
revisited with my most inspired computer software...

africaine-0608-m1.JPG amoureux-0620-m1b.JPG beaute_0667_m1.JPG
cavalier-0663-m2.JPG ete_0596_m4.JPG ete_0631_m2b.JPG
les-maries-0603-m1.JPG l-hivers-0634-m1c.JPG printemps_0642_m6.JPG


For more informations on the "Jardin des Sculptures" in Bois-Guilbert
and the sculptures of Jean-Marc de Pas,
visit http://perso.wanadoo.fr/le.jardin.des.sculptures/ (in French).

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