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Jacques de Selliers
Sunsets in Portugal

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Although it may sound mundane, I find susets on the seaside most inspirating.

Here are some of the photos I shot at sunset during my family holliday in Portugal in July 2007.
Of course, some have been revisited with my most inspired computer software...

portugal-344.jpg portugal-348-c1m1.jpg portugal-348-c1m2.jpg portugal-368-m1.jpg
portugal-368-m2.jpg portugal-380-m1.jpg portugal-380-m2.jpg portugal-380-m3.jpg
portugal-385-c2m1.jpg portugal-385-c2m2.jpg portugal-385-c2m3.jpg portugal-385-c2m7.jpg
portugal-385-c2m91.jpg portugal-385-c2m93.jpg portugal-397-m2.jpg portugal-397-m4.jpg
portugal-405-m4.jpg portugal-423-c1m2.jpg portugal-433-c1m2.jpg portugal-433-c1m3.jpg

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