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Burning Man 2013

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Burning Man 3013

Thanks to a sabbatical year, I had a chance to make an old dream come true: participate to Burning Man!

I shot over 7500 photos of this mind-blowing event. I have now cut them down to less than 500 best shots. You can view them here below with my comments, sorted by category. You can also see my 100 very best photos directly on Flickr.

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Very best Burning Man people photos

Very Best People Shots

If you don't feel like seeing all the photos of the beautiful people I shot at Burning Man (which you will find at the bottom of this page), you may still want to see this selection of the very best of them...

Note that this selection also includes the best of my Art Bikes & Other Mutant Manpowered Vehicles photos.

See more Burning Man people photos below...

--- Art and Installations ---

Best Playa Art daytime photos


Playa Art in the Daytime

Black Rock City, the temporary camp site hosting the 68 000 Burning Man participants, is a 'C' shaped arc enclosing a 1 mile (1.6 km) diameter desert area called the 'Playa' (see on a map of Burning Man).

The Playa is covered with over 100 fabulous pieces of Art and Art Installation. Except for the Man and the Temple, they are brought in or built on site by Burning Man participants. Several are built in wood and ceremonially burned at the end of the week.

See my best daytime Playa Art photos...

More Playa Art photos in the daytime...

Playa Art and Camps at Night

Playa Art and Camps at Night

Many of the Art pieces covering the Playa and the camps surrounding it are nicely illuminated and attract a lot of night life. So I shot quite a few photos, some of which turned out all right - click here to view them...

Life and Death of The Man

Life and Death of The Man

At the center of the Playa stands 'The Man', a large wooden effigy which is traditionally being burned on Saturday night during a festive celebration gathering most of the participants. The year's theme was Cargo Cult, so the 2013 Man was a huge flying saucer topped by the effigy.

See my photos of The Man alive then burning...

--- Mutant Vehicles ---

Best Mutant Vehicles daytime photos

More Mutant Vehicles daytime photos

Mutant Vehicles in the Daytime

The Burning Man glossary defines a Mutant Vehicle (MV) as "a motorized conveyance that is radically, stunningly, permanently, and safely modified" or as a "sublimely beautiful work of art floating across the playa like a Miro painting".

MVs have to be inspected and licensed by Burning Man's Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV). They are the only motorized vehicle allowed to ride at Burning Man.

Theoretically anyone can hop on and get a ride; but the rumor says that being a cute sexy chick gets you a better chance...
See my best daytime MV photos...

More MV photos in the daytime...

Best Mutant Vehicles photos at night

More Mutant Vehicles photos at night

Mutant Vehicles at Night

MVs are all over the Playa at night. Most are amazingly illuminated, so they can make nice photos at night. Many play music, sometimes strange, often wild. Several are mobile discotheques around which 'burners' crowds gather for hours of dancing frenzy.

Because of their creativity and animations, MVs are an essential part of the Burning Man night life and lots of things happen in and around them.
See my best night MV photos...

More Mutant Vehicles at night...

--- People Photos ---

Art Bikes & Mutant Manpowered Vehicles

Art Bikes & Mutant Manpowered Vehicles

Next to Mutant Vehicles, the only vehicles allowed to ride at Burning Man are bikes and other manpowered conveyances. However, many of them would also qualify as "mutant", being "radically, stunningly, permanently, and safely modified" by their user.

See some these mutant manpowered vehicles...

Best Sparkle Ponies and other Nice Woman

More Sparkle Ponies and other Nice Woman

Sparkle Ponies and other Nice Women

In the Burning Man mythlogy, a "Sparkle Pony" is typically a cute chick who arrives under-prepared at the event with a small bag containing only a few fabulous sexy outfits, makeup and (optionally?) a provision of drugs. She expects to live off the good will of the community because she's just so wonderful; the rumor says drama inevitably follows if her expectations are not met.

Well, I don't actually know if all the women on these photos really were sparkle ponies, but sure they all were good looking and/or nicely dressed! View my best photos of them...

View more of my photos of sparkle ponies and nice women...

Nice Couples

Nice Couples

Here is a selection of the best looking and/or best dressed couples I happened to shoot at Burning Man. View them...

DISCLAIMER: Don't assume that all the couples on these photos are actually in a relation: some of them only paired just for my photo!

Other People in the Daytime

Other People in the Daytime

Well, I loved shooting photos of the nice looking chicks hanging around at Burning Man. But I also enjoyed shooting other interesting characters, including men and groups of people with amazing attires. View my selection...

People at night

People at Night

It is not easy to get nice sharp people photos in the dim light of Burning Man's nights. However, I tried hard getting a few decent shots... Here they are!

Shamanic Ceremony and other Temple Scenes

Shamanic Ceremony and other Temple Scenes

Burning Man's Temple is a place for payer, meditation, weddings (see below) and other ceremonies.

As I was going to leave the Temple on Wednesday evening, I noticed a weird procession arriving at the Temple, with people singing and dancing surrounded by stilt walkers. In the Temple, they lay down and progressively started screaming in what looked to me as a deep trance. Then stood up and left in a dancing procession. So I guess it was some sort of shamanic ceremony!
View this ceremony and other temple scenes...

Other Weddings

Other Weddings

Burning Man takes place in the Nevada state where marriage regulations are quite lax. So some Burners find it a choice place to get married, often in or around the temple where Nevada wedding officiants are available.

Here are a few photos of the wedding ceremonies and just-married couples I happened to encounter. View them...

Our Camp and Camp Friends

Our Camp and Camp Friends

I went to Burning Man in an RV with two photographer friends, Charles (see his website) and George O. (see his website). As expected, we quickly made friends with our camp neighbors and some of them ended up on our photos.

Here are some photos of some of us, including our beautiful sparkling Marissa neighbor, mostly at our camp (the photos of me were shot by Charles with my camera). View them...

Engagement of Eamon and Kelly

Engagement of Eamon and Kelly

The first time I entered the Temple, I noticed a good-looking young couple. As I started taking photos of them, Eamon pulled out a ring and offered it to Kelly: it happened to be his surprise marriage proposal and I happened to be there to shoot it!

This was one of my most emotional moments at Burning Man. And Eamon and Kelly were pleased to get some photos of this once-in-a-lifetime event. View these photos...

Friendship Marriage of Frogabelle and Tiger Lily

Friendship Marriage of Frogabelle & Tiger Lily

I met several burners in the endless immigration line at SF airport, including Frogabelle and Tiger Lily.

When I bumped into them at Burning Man, they asked me to shoot their "Friendship Wedding" to be celebrated next day in the Temple.

So here are the photos of this moving ceremony where Frogabelle and Tiger Lily swore each other eternal friendship, in front of a Nevada wedding officiant and surrounded by some of their burner friends. View the ceremony...

See also my photos posted on the Burning Man Galleries and
my photos of Burning Man 2016.

--- General Information ---

If you want to get high resolution copies of the photos I shot of you,
please send me a mail at this address with the photo's reference or,
if they are not published online, a description of you and the shooting circumstances
(date and time, attire, vehicle, background...).

I made every effort to ensure that the people I photographed agreed to be published online.
If however you don't want to see your photo online, please send me a email
at this address with the photo's reference and I'll be pleased to remove it
or to make you unrecognizable on the photo.

Equipment used: Nikon D800E camera, lenses:
Nikkor 28-300 zoom and 20 mm f2.8 in the daytime;
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 and 20 mm f2.8 at night.

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