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This website is copyrighted © Jacques de Selliers 2002 - 2018. All rights reserved.
The content of this website is protected by the copyright laws. It cannot be reproduced in part or in whole without my written consent. You can however freely link to any page of this website.

My Belgian heart-flag and its variants are copyrighted © Jacques de Selliers 2007. All rights reserved.
Please see the copyright rules on www.heart-flag.org if you want to reproduce them.

Many of my Burning Man photos that are published here or on my Flickr pages are also published on the Burning Man Galleries and/or were shot under contract with the Burning Man organization. If so, in addition to the rules below, you may also need to obtain the reproduction authorization of the Burning Man organization. If not, only the rules below apply.

The photographs in the 'Photos' section of this website, as well as those on my Flickr account, are copyrighted © Jacques de Selliers. All rights reserved.

Authorization for copying or reprinting can be requested by sending me an email.
I usually welcome such requests and provide free reproduction rights to non-profit organizations, media, individuals and non-commercial websites, as long as the copyright information (Photo © Jacques de Selliers) and the URL www.deselliers.info are clearly mentioned next to each photo.

  • For paper reproduction, I can email high quality/definition files of my photos.
    Please send me a few copies of the publications containing my photos.
  • For on-line reproduction, please:
    - Link the the URL www.deselliers.info to the thumbnail page containing the photo.
    - Send me the URL of the webpage where my photo will be published.

The jokes, videos and other material were received by email. I systematically try and find their author to request reproduction rights. But in most case I can't find them, and therefore assume that these material are public domain and copyright free. If I have accidently reproduced some copyrighted material belonging to you or to a third party, please send me an email and I will correct the situation asap.

For more information, please contact me.

I contribute to the following websites:

Faithful summaries of leading scientific reports on Health and the Environment
Beautiful scuba photos by various underwater photographers The museum of the Ceramic Clock in Brussels Belgian heart-flag for a tolerant Belgium
Gigapixels Panoramas Photos from the 34th floor of the Brusilia Residence in Brussels
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Copyright © Jacques de Selliers 2002 - 2018. All rights reserved.