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Australia 2009

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Thanks to a sudden (and temporary) slowdown in my professional activities,
I had a chance to make an old dream come true: visiting Australia!

Here is a selection out of the 3000+ photos I shot during this wonderful trip,
classified in 3 groups:

  1. Australian Cities: Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, plus Bangkok and Hong-Kong.
    Brisbane Melbourne Sydney
  2. Australian landscapes (especially Kangaroo Island):
    Blue Montains near Sydney Island around Cairns Kangaroo Island
  3. Australian wildlife (mainly in Kangaroo Island):
    Parakeets Echidna Koala

About my trip to Australia

I left Brussels on Brussels on 7 Nov. 2009 and made a one day stop-over in Bangkok before landing in Sydney, where I spent two days. Then I visited Melbourne for two days.

Following which I went scuba-diving in Cairns for 10 days (see my underwater photos at www.scuba-photos.net). Next was a three days visit in Brisbane, my favorite Australian city, then a one day stop-over in Adelaide before a four days wildlife tour on Kangaroo Island.

Finally I flew back to Sydney for another two days visit. I got back to Brussels on Dec. 10, after a three days stop-over in fascinating Hong-Kong which I was discovering for the first time.

These Australian photos were shot with a Nikon D200 camera and a Nikkor 18-200 DX zoom lens.

I contribute to the following websites:

Going-Electric, the Association for Electric Vehicles in Europe Faithful summaries of leading scientific reports on Health and the Environment
Beautiful scuba photos by various underwater photographers The museum of the Ceramic Clock in Brussels Belgian heart-flag for a tolerant Belgium
Amazing acrylic portraits by Charlotte d'Aspremont
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